Patient Satisfaction Survey

At Permian we strive to provide the patient with the finest outpatient endoscopy care available. As part of this commitment to quality care, the management of Permian has implemented a Patient Satisfaction Survey since January 1997. We wish to thank all of the patients who took the time and effort to fill out and return our lengthy post-visit questionnaire. (Amazingly, over 70% do.)

This information is reviewed by our Medical Director and our Quality Improvement Committee on a regular basis. Our high marks are an indicator of the level of service we provide our patients. With your input and constructive criticism, we can continue to work to maintain and exceed the highest industry standards for outpatient care.

Thanks For Your Input!.

Summary Of 3,863 Patient Responses
January 1997 Through December 1999

Overall Satisfaction Quality of the nursing staff 98% Satisfied
Quality of the medical procedure performed 98%
Quality of the doctor who performed your test 99%
Would you refer family or friends ? 100%
Would you return to the Center? 100%
Appointment My appointment time was convenient 97%
My preparation instructions were clear 96%
The directions to your center were easy to follow 95%
Arrival Adequate parking was available 97%
The receptionist was friendly and courteous 97%
The registration process was efficient 95%
Waiting Room The waiting room was clean and comfortable 98%
The reading materials were satisfactory 95%
The wait to see the doctor was acceptable 93%
Nursing Staff The nurses appearance was neat and professional 97%
The nurses were friendly and courteous. 97%
The nurses answered all of my questions 96%
The nursing staff respected my privacy 97%
Medical Staff My doctor's appearance was neat and professional 98%
My doctor listened to my concerns 98%
My doctor spent enough time with me 97%
Procedure My 'scope' procedure was explained to me 97%
I was given an opportunity to ask questions 97%
Recovery The recovery room was clean and comfortable 98%
My test results and plans for treatment were explained to me 98%
I received a written summary of the results 98%
The doctor answered all of my questions 98%